drilling rigs for sale in Australia

Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia: New vs. Used Drill Rigs

Buying new drilling rigs for sale in Australia can be very tough for every driller considering the abundance of options available. The quality of a drill rig is critical to winning bids and contracts since the performance and profitability of the operation greatly depend on the efficiency of the equipment.

Drillers have to consider if the equipment they will be investing in will make a lot of money or the other way around. That is why there are factors and variables to consider to make sure that they make the right decision.

Recently, drilling operations stopped operating and drill rigs have been sitting idle due to the pandemic. Drilling companies have to find ways to cut massive losses by cannibalizing components and parts to keep active rigs running. Some drillers preferred repairing their drilling equipment rather than buying new drill rigs and technology.

Obviously, rebuilding old and used rigs and buying a new one has pros and cons, especially if the cost of repairing them is close to what it would cost them if they buy a piece of new equipment.

This article will explain why buying and investing in a new drilling rig and technology is the best decision.

Advantages of Buying New Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia

Opportunity to Drill More Productively

Investing in new equipment offers an opportunity for drillers to take advantage of the latest technology that allows them to drill more efficiently and productively compared to the older drill rig.

Newer rigs are not only productive but provide more reliable uptime and built-in safety features than older and used rigs. With the increasing safety requirements in the mine sites, a new rig can effectively meet those requirements and industry standards.


Older and used rigs have a higher chance of breaking down more often than new rigs. As a result of frequent downtime, performance and profit are greatly affected. New rigs are more reliable and keep the contractors from getting kicked out of their hard-earned contracts.

Lower Maintenance and Repair Cost

When someone is out in the market looking for another drill rig, the first question they ask is whether to buy a new or used rig. The problem with buying used rigs is that it’s hard to find gently used equipment and how harsh they were treated in the field.

Some drilling equipment are extremely delicate that once contaminated or mistreated, may not function well and can be very expensive to replace the parts and components. Investing in new rigs can save drillers from high maintenance and repair costs.


Purchasing old and used rigs can be very risky, especially if the history and maintenance of the equipment are unknown.

Before making a final decision, consider all the possible options. Evaluate the current status of all your equipment, including their performance and if they meet the latest industry standards.

If you think buying new rigs will benefit your business, then talk to a drilling rig expert to explore all the options that meet your current and future drilling needs.