How Do We Get The Most Out of Jamboard App Even If We Don’t Have the Physical Jamboard Device?

The Jamboard online app offers G-Suite office tool users access to an array of features, even if their organization doesn’t own a physical Jamboard device.  

Initially, Jamboard Google gives you the impression that it is a hardware product,  although it is one. This BenQ-made 55-inch digital whiteboard is being offered by Google to the digital whiteboard market with 2 styluses, a wall mount, and an eraser for a reasonable amount of $4,999. 

Besides, buyers can also decide if they want to avail the yearly management and technical support fee valued at $600. 


About 2 years ago, in 2018, Google decided to offer a discounted Jamboard price for teachers or educators. This measure took away the recurring fees, so that now if you have a G-Suite for Education subscription, you’d be entitled to a Jamboard purchase that comes with a management and support bundle. The promo offer is for a 1-time fee of $5,600.  

However, Jamboard online is also a qualified software. To be more precise about it, it is specifically designed as a collaborative whiteboard software application. In the same year also Google installed Jamboard at the heart, at the very core of the G-Suite service.

This only means to say that if you happen to be a G-Suite administrator, you’d be able to enjoy its use alongside many other core apps such as Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts Meet, and many more.  

Even when you don’t have a physical Jamboard collaborative whiteboard, you can still use and enjoy the manifold benefits being offered by the Jamboard app. With the dedicated iPad and Android tablet apps, you can do almost everything that you can do on a Jamboard interactive device. 

interactive learning

Below are some of the features that you can take advantage of when you make use of the Jamboard online app, especially if you are an avid user of the  Google G-Suite office tool package. 

Shape, Sketch, and Handwriting Recognition

Being the last 3 items under the draw menu, they are the highlight of the machine learning expertise of Google. Consider “Bb”, you may have them written, print, or cursive. Jamboard will try its best to transform your scrawled letters into typewritten text.  

Or you may try the square and circle icon, and it will auto-identify your shapes and turn your not-so-perfect round line into an impeccable circle shape. 

Insert from Drive

From Google Drive into your Jamboard, you will not have a hard time inserting your Slides, Sheets, Docs, and images, even GIFs. One needs to press on the “+” icon, and tap on the Google Drive image. Then, browse your Google Drive, and then drag-and-drop the file of your choice to your Jam so it will get added to it.  

After adding several slides or pages into your Jam from the Drive, tap two times on it to open up a mini-viewer. This will allow you to scroll through your document. Scrutinize your pages or slides, then by the tap-and-drag technique you’d bring a specific page into your Jam file.  

Search, select, insert

This interactive whiteboard tool also comes with a mini-browser, so you can initiate a web search or browse a webpage. To do this, you need to go to the scissor icon. This will allow you to choose a portion of the web page that you will be adding to your board.  Find and tap on the green “Enter” box, and it will add the selected portion of the page into your Jam file. 

Wrapping Up!

Above are some of the major features of Jamboard being one of the most innovative collaborative devices in the interactive whiteboard market. The recently updated version of Jamboard apps intended for iOS and Android users will allow them to add notes or draw images as well as insert content extracted from Google Drive.