piling rig

Piling Rig: A High-Performance Machine for Foundation Engineering

Basically, a piling rig is a piece of drilling equipment used to drive piles into the sandy soil or silty clay to provide strong support to the foundation of industrial and civil buildings, bridges, and other mega structures. 

In addition, this sturdy and reliable construction equipment is generally used in municipal construction, diaphragm walls, expressway, foundation projects, foundation reinforcement, and other cast-in-place piles.

This machine usually works by placing a heavy weight between guides allowing it to move up and down in a single line. Once placed on a pile, it is raised using diesel or hydraulics. At its optimum height, the weight is then released, which hammers the pile and drives it into the ground.

Types of Piling Rigs

Piling rigs generally come with hydraulic crawler chassis, box-type mast, and telescopic drill pipe. It also usually uses a load sensor and hydraulic pilot control, making it easy to control.

The most common types of piling rigs are the following:

• Continuous Flight Auger Drilling Machine

These types of piling rigs are used in big construction projects. These machines are multipurpose and employ Rotary drilling and CFA methods to drill. They also have imported hydraulic parts, making them one of the most sought-after machines. 

• Bolt Drilling Machine

Applicable for high-power drilling operations and built to provide maximum productivity with the highest reliability.

• Rotary Drilling Rig

These machines are equipped with a turbo-supercharged engine and ensure reliable and excellent performance for a long time. They are also super-efficient when it comes to fuel consumption and have a unique speed droop design.

• Diaphragm Wall Grab

These piling machines are largely used to dig diaphragm walls in varied soil conditions.

Types of Pile Drivers

A pile driver typically refers to the prefabricated pile hoisted with a heavy hammer into the ground or static pressure into the underground machinery. Some examples of pile drivers include:

• Diesel Hammer

• Hydraulic Hammer

• Hydraulic press-in

• Vibratory pile extractor

Factors of a Safe Piling Rig Operational Plan

Here are some important key components in having a safe operational plan using this equipment.

• Adequate pre-planning

• Good working platform

• Proper inspection of equipment before operation

• Inspection of the site during piling

• Risk assessment

• Proper training of operators

• Maintenance planning 

Why Choose a Professional Drill Rig Company?

If you want to learn more about these piling rigs in detail, we highly advise that you get in touch with a professional and reputable dealer of drill rigs for sale. 

Make sure to deal only with a local dealer with years of experience in the drilling business to ensure that their products are sourced only from genuine manufacturers.

Also, always do sufficient due diligence and market research to ensure that their products have passed all quality checks so that none of your projects will suffer because of faulty equipment.

Lastly, ask for expert advice to get the best models based on your needs and requirements.