Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers: Why Use Sonic Rig to Advance in the Industry?

Sonic drill rig manufacturers have been taking the entire drilling industry by storm with their innovative and versatile sonic drilling equipment for various drilling operations and satisfying the requirements of such an active and diversified market. 

From geotechnical site investigations to mining and geothermal installation, sonic offers a cleaner, more efficient drilling alternative compared to conventional drilling methods. 

Not only does this advanced technology offer an attractive augering alternative to drillers, but also poised as the present and the future of drilling.

This article will explain why most drillers turn to sonic drilling to advance in the drilling industry. 

How does Sonic Drilling work?

A sonic drill rig features a special drill head with oscillators used to generate and transmit a range of frequencies that create resonant vibrations and rotary power throughout a drill string, causing a liquifying effect on the surrounding materials. 

The frictionless environment that results from liquefaction allows fast and easy penetration in most subsurface formations, including boulders and rock.

A typical sonic drilling process for site characterization involves these four steps: 

• Core Barrel Advancement

• Overriding with Casing

• Core Retrieval

• Core Advancement Repeat 

Benefits of Sonic Drilling

The benefits of this advanced drilling method are diverse and even outweigh any potential limitations that drillers may encounter when using this technique. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Faster Drilling

Sonic is 3-5 times faster than traditional overburden drilling methods. The vibration produced in the drill string from the sonic head fluidized the subsurface formation in a small boundary layer around the drill string. This fluidization results in an intense reduction in friction, boosting the penetration rate.

Superior and Continuous Core Samples

The speed of the sonic rig to cut through formations and the absence of any liquid that might dilute the sample, results in a relatively undisturbed and continuous core sample for evaluation. 

Lower Investigative Derived Waste (IDW)

Sonic technology can significantly decrease investigative derived waste (IDW) by 80% compared with conventional drilling with efficient cutting and no fluid.

Safer Drilling

Sonic also addresses numerous key safety concerns such as slips, trips, falls, and exposure to machinery or chemicals. The absence of auger flights significantly reduces any risk of exposure to the machinery during drilling. The samples are enclosed in the core barrel and vibrated into a sealed PVC sleeve that reduces contact with potentially dangerous elements. 

Greater Flexibility

Sonic drill rigs can be used in various applications and can easily be customized for rock drilling with the use of the sonic percussive method or a down-the-hole hammer. 

Finding the Best Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

The abundance of drill rig companies in the market today makes it challenging to find the best company to meet your needs. The first place to go for this task is the internet to conduct your research.

Choose a manufacturer that offers a wide range of products with an expanded servicing, maintenance, and modification business. And they are not limited to just servicing drilling equipment but also fitting and component manufacturing work.

Lastly, choose a drill rig company that delivers systems, components, equipment, and other specialized plants to meet site challenges. And most importantly, in improving the performance of your business, equipment, and people.