What is the Difference Between WiFi Antenna Booster, Extender, and Repeater?

If you want to have an elevated WiFi network experience, taking advantage of a WiFi antenna will do a great job. It will receive your WiFi signal, amplify it, and then transmit a signal with boosted strength. In conjunction with a WiFi extender, you can also connect together faraway areas of your home or office or expand the signal range reach, and have it say even to your backyard. 


WiFi repeaters, extenders, and boosters are essentially interchangeable terms that refer to devices that increase WiFi coverage. There is no well-established distinction between devices that manufacturers refer to as “repeaters” and devices that manufacturers refer to as “extenders”.  However, it is not okay to presume that all WiFi extenders operate identically or in the same manner, because the truth here is they don’t. 

Difficulty in Receiving WiFi Signal in Some Corners of the Home

Several practical solutions can be tried out first before making any decision to buy a  WiFi extender. The easiest and the simplest measure here is to relocate your WiFi router. So you need to identify the most central location in your house and move your router to that spot instead. 

If there is no observable improvement to your wireless connectivity, check if your router needs a firmware upgrade. You can download the latest version of your firmware for your router usually from the original manufacturer’s website. If the firmware upgrade did not improve anything, your last resort of action is to upgrade your router device to a more powerful model instead.

Make certain your router firmware version is up to date or most recent. Regardless of the product brand or model/make you have now, it’s never too soon to obtain a firmware update.

If you’re in the market for a brand new router, dual bands always deliver the best results in terms of stable wireless connectivity. They are suitable for use with Smart TVs or even game consoles, as they feature 4-gigabit ethernet ports. Performance-wise, it is made even more intense by their powerful and ultrafast dual-core processors

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If you need to have an upgrade for your router, look instead for a brand that utilizes Beamforming technology. This technology makes it possible for these routers devices to focus the WiFi signal on specific devices. This means to say that you can direct the WiFi signal to the location where it is being used the most, you can significantly improve your network’s speed and capacity.

WiFi Repeater, How Does It Work? 

A WiFi Repeater is essentially two wireless routers combined together to function as one. They are pretty much comparable to the wireless routers that most of us use at home or at office. One of these wireless routers identifies the nearest WiFi network and tries to establish a connection to it. If successful, it will then transmit or relay the enhanced wireless signal to the other wireless router.

How to Install a Repeater Device for Your WiFi Antenna? 

Repeater devices for WiFi antennas come with a simple setup procedure. It is actually a no-brainer process. You just need to locate the repeater in a location where your WiFi network can be detected and attach the power supply. 

Then, on your device, you need to log into the WiFi repeater configuration page and provide the login information and password you have for your existing WiFi network. This will make it possible for your WiFi repeater to link to it and thus extend its coverage range. 

When it comes to network security, we say that WiFi repeater devices offer the same security level offered by traditional WiFi routers (WPA, WEP, WPA2, etc).