Why is Jamboard Google Powered by G-Suite?

If you will look back at its history, it can be recalled that Google first launched the G-Suite way back in 2006. Originally, it was offered to Google users as a set of indispensable office applications. From the time it was first introduced, it needed to go through a lot of changes and innovations to keep up with the evolving user needs and concerns.

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The changes Google decided to roll out for G-Suite were meant to further enhance user experience in terms of usability and functionality.  For this reason, we can safely say that improvement and effectiveness are the highlighting features of the G-Suite applications, and faithful users of G-Suite can vouch for that. 

Google’s G-Suite has given a new face to office applications because it gave way to the realization of an idea where multiple users can collaborate on frequently worked on official documents such as slideshows, spreadsheets, Word documents, etc. 

It might have been originally designed for business applications or use, but its usability and functionality features are so flexible that schools and students alike can take advantage of it when working on their creative projects.  

The most recent addition to the G-Suite family is Jamboard Google. Released in 2016, this collaborative, highly interactive online whiteboard device makes it possible for groups and teams of all sorts to share their thoughts, ideas, and notes in a freeform fashion sans the need to be in the same location. 

Jamboard Google, a cloud-based whiteboard system, is the perfect platform to use now that distance or online learning is looming on the horizon and seems the method of choice as opposed to face-to-face learning due to COVID-19 scare. 

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Under the hood, this whiteboard on the cloud offering of Google makes it possible for their G-Suite admins to manage their Jamboard devices. But the most exciting part is the usability features that it is offering. G-Suite users are empowered in the sense that they can interact with jam content and they can do it either on the Web, tablet, or phone. 

In addition to this, the Jamboard app successfully merged real-time co-editing benefits with other G-Suite applications such as Google Docs. Working like a blank canvas, it will allow your projects and ideas to come to life. 

Now that this application is at the core of the G-Suite service. What does this signify to us then?   This only goes to show that: 

  1. The Jamboard online service is now inclusive of the G Suite user agreement. In line with this, it remains, as any other core service, under the same technical support umbrella and service level commitment. 
  1. The Jamboard online service will be taken out of the Additional Google Services and will be finding its way to the G Suite core services in the Admin console.   

If you seriously want to have a firsthand experience of Google Jamboard in all its glory,  remind yourself that it may not come cheap. But despite that, you get good value for your money.  Normally this package should come with a 55-inch whiteboard digital display, which will allow everyone in your team to enjoy and appreciate viewing pleasure at once. 

The 4k UHD display comes bundled with a wall mount, one eraser, and 2 styluses — this package would cause you to shell out a meager amount of $4,999 Jamboard price. If you feel that you are not an absolute tech-savvy person and will be needing technical support and help of some kind along the way, you may need to take advantage of Google’s offered annual management help and technical support fee of $600. 

Good thing if you are a certified teacher and at the same time also a G-Suite for Education customer, because you are up for some cool discount here since you will be necessitated to pay only a one-time annual management fee or service contract.